The ups and downs of a college dreamer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was able to took up some photos last noon for me to kills my boredom. And I applied few effects on it. Heehee! ^____^ Not pretty at all, but good enough I think! ((:
Another thing here in these photos, it seems like I’m a short hair.

Friday, November 11, 2011


November 11, 2011 was the date awhile ago. And people were telling this a lucky day. However, within this day I don’t find it my lucky day. For some thing happened to me, as I’ve been waiting with Kulin for roughly 30mins of bus for me to go home in Tarlac but then I’m not gifted to ride on the bus for the reason that the bus passes by thereafter, so I used for cutting trip and still longing to ride on the bus, but it’s really awful I don’t even got through with it. Whereas last night of that day also, together with my church mates in the company of youth(binhi) to perform for the Choral Group Competition for INC. Apparently, we won! On the 5 Areas to announced the winners, we can’t imagine that we’re one of the chosen Top5 because all performers were really did a great job! Nevertheless, we had a great performance there so it’s not unfeasible for us to win the place. Lol! This is what we call lucky day because of prayers. :) Perhaps, I ain’t one of the fluky person today, but I guarantee that people will became lucky with prayers and not by means of how similar the numbers of date for day, month and year.

Congrats Victoria Area for winning the Choral Group Competition! We are looking forward through this crown we’re able to perform on Philippine Arena 2014, soooooooon. :)) ♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nothing have upon here, I just like to post this one of my freaky photo. Lol!
And aside from that, I dunno what to post next here so I did random posts and whatever. Heehee! ♥

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random photos with my lil' sister Loren. Lol! Nothing's going right when taking up like these. It seems like we're so weird basically when it comes to me lol!



I seriously not and I figure out I'm lazy for doing on but I'm glad I made my own blog here. :) I supposed to have a great blogs here as well as my Tumblr log. Actually, I used to love Tumblr often. I appreciates my followers who always keep posting me. It really made me feel wonderful and eager whenever I'm on it. Anyways, this is my first typos for my blogspot. I won't locate or specify my introduction 'cause in fact my mind blowin' for saying various thoughts about all myself since I was here in this world, lol!

All navigations I have here are widely available for you guys. Whereas, some of these sites were I'm newbie lol. So, catch me up there and send me request if you don't mind. Okay? And so, I don't have anything to say. Perhaps next time I will let you know my updates about life living as a student. :) Bye and God bless! ♥

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Courtesy of 1st photo:

Heart! I heart 'em. LOL! ♥

Courtesy of 2nd photo:

I love you Best, happy birthday! And thanks for everything. ♥

Courtesy of last photo:

Best Mae with strapless dress from the left, me carrying DSLR, beside me is Twinbabe Abby, and at right last but not the list is Mye Bheb. We had this just wanna have fun. Lol! ♥